Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tips & Tricks {Efficient Packing}

Pinspiration strikes again!

For our trip in December, I needed to get a lot of clothes in a couple of suitcases. I followed my previous tip of packing different suitcases for different places, but I needed a better way to keep up with matching outfits. This time I decided to try rolling shirts and pants together for one neat bundle.

First, I folded the pants in half and laid them on the table. Then I folded the shirts in half and placed them on top of the pants.

Then start rolling the clothes. For our upcoming trip I added socks before starting the roll. I considered adding underwear, but my boys shower at night. Unrolling their clothes each night just to get out clean underwear would make more of a mess.

Last, add rolled clothes to the suitcase. I was able to put 2 rows of clothing, one row for each child. There was still plenty of room for my clothes on top.

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