Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Staycations

Summer is prime time for travel for a lot of familes. School is out, so it's a great time to hit the road.

Whether an emergency expense comes up or income is limited, when you find yourself on a tight budget, travel is one of the first things to go. With limited funds, even a weekend trip is challening. That's where I find myself this summer.

Instead we have made our own fun. After searching for boredom buster ideas on Pinterest, I had my boys write activities on different colored sheets of paper. Then whenever they want a new idea, they draw from the jar.

On Fridays, we make time for cooking or a trip to somewhere special around town. Where we live there are a few options like putt-putt, bowling, and a movie theater. Even something simple like a movie can add up quickly, so these treats have been limited.

You can also create a cheaper version of some of these activities around your house. I encouraged my boys to make their own golf obstacle course (thankfully, grandad has putters for them to use).

Rent a movie from Redbox or pick one you already own. You can grab popcorn, theater-box candy, and soft drinks from the grocery store. Or pile pillows in the floor for a pallet party. Look for ways to make it different from your normal movie-watching routine.

Look for activities within an hour and a half drive of home. At this distance, you could easily drive there and back in a day. If you have a little more money in your budget, you could plan an overnight trip and visit a couple of places in the same town.

What daytrips do you recommend in your area?

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